LPM  Dance Theatre    

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IF Dance Festival- A celebration of inclusion and dance

On the 26th of March LPM Dance Theatre and Lancaster Arts brought together a broad range of renowned practitioners and companies specialising in dance as part of healthcare, child development, education and social change for a one-day festival of workshops, performance and discussions.

IF featured Indepen-dance, Primed for Life, Mary Prestige, Dr Richard Coaten and Lisa Simpson Inclusive Dance amongst others.

Take a look at our pictures below to see what we got up to! 

Photos by Brian Slater

This trailer celebrates a selection of our eclectic work. We practice in a diverse range of settings and create new performance work for many different environments.

We work in close collaboration with other small project funded dance companies in the North West offering fund raising support, project management  and choreographic mentoring. Most recently we have been working with TurnAround Dance Theatre, Lisa Simpson Inclusive Dance and AbouTime Dance Company on current projects.

Our ambition is to further the reach of high quality dance experiences across society, awakening the power of dance in all. Whether that be through performance, participation or research.